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The SPARC International Project Office (IPO) is responsible for the coordination of scientific and administrative aspects of the SPARC project and its activities under the oversight of the SPARC Scientific Steering Group.

Contact the SPARC Office in Oberpfaffenhofen

Contact the SPARC Office in Zurich (until 12/2017)

  • Mareike Kenntner

    Mareike graduated as physicist at Heidelberg University while undertaking research for airborne optical spectrometry. Her PhD-project was carried out at DLR-IPA applying micro-wave remote sensing aboard the German research aircraft HALO. She gained experiences abroad during international field campaigns in Brazil, Malaysia and New Zealand. During her studies she had spent extended periods in New Zealand and the United States. Mareike is providing a tight coordinating link between the scientific planning facilitated by the SPARC Office and the necessary administrative tasks.

  • Hans Volkert

    Hans has been a senior scientist at the DLR-IPA for many years. After graduation as meteorologist at Free University of Berlin he obtained a PhD in atmospheric physics from University of Munich. He undertook mesoscale modelling studies, was engaged with international field experiments and served as associated editor for various research journals. The organization of conferences (also for WMO) led to his service as Secretary-General of IAMAS for an 8-year period. He regards the direction of the SPARC Office team as a rewarding service for the benefit of the international and German parts of the WCRP communities.

  • Brigitte Ziegele

    Brigitte has broad and year-long experiences regarding office management in a research institute with multi-faceted administrative tasks. For a number of years she took care of the regular office duties of an editor of the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. At the SPARC Office she provides much of the administrative backbone for the planning and execution of SPARC meetings from the scale of specialist workshops via the annual Scientific Steering Group meetings to the quadrennial General Assemblies, always tuned-in with the relevant staff of the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva.

  • Winfried Beer

    Winfried takes care of much of the computing infrastructure at DLR-IPA, including software solutions and hardware requirements for web-hosting. The SPARC Office team can directly tap his broad personal knowledge for the move of the SPARC web-portal from Zurich to Oberpfaffenhofen and its further development.






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How to find us in Zurich

From the airport

You can either take a taxi or the tram to the SPARC Office.

A taxi from Zurich Airport to the SPARC Office will cost you about CHF 50. We recommend taking the tram instead. It costs only about CHF 6, is safe and as fast as a taxi, and stops almost in front of the SPARC Office (no need to change trams).

Follow the tram signs at the airport and take tram no. 10 (direction Bahnhofstrasse). Leave the tram at the stop “Haldenbach”, turn right, and walk down the road about 50m until you find the entrance “Universitätsstrasse 16”. Then take the lift to “P-floor”, from where you will find the SPARC Office.

From Zurich train station

You can either walk uphill (15-20 minutes) or take the tram. Follow the tram signs in the main train station to the "Bahnhofstrasse" tram stop  and take tram no. 10 (direction "Flughafen"), which stops close to the building where the SPARC Office is located (no need to change the tram). Leave the tram at the stop "Haldenbach", turn right, and walk down the road about 50m until you find the entrance to Universitätsstrasse 16. Take the lift to the "P-floor", from where you will find the SPARC Office.typo3/sysext/cms/layout/db_layout.php?id=185#

Note: You need to buy your tram ticket at the ticket machine at the tram stop (it's not possible to buy tickets once in the tram).

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Some hotels close to the SPARC Office are:

  1. Hotel Sunnehus 
  2. Comfort Inn Royal Zurich
  3. Garni Hotel Bristol