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Trace Gas Climatologies Derived From UARS

Climatologies of stratospheric trace gases derived from the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) observations are available on the ftp server at /sparc/ref_clim/randel/trace_gases/uars. Refer to the README file for more information including sample code.


ParameterLevels (mb)Data FilePlotsPlot Loop
HALOE + CLAES CH4100-0.32haloe+claes_ch4.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE + CLAES CH4100-0.01haloe+claes_ch4_25.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE + MLS H2O 100-0.32haloe+mls_h2o.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE + MLS H2O 100-0.01haloe+mls_h2o_25.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE + MLS ozone100-0.32haloe+mls_o3.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE + MLS ozone100-0.01haloe+mls_o3_25.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE HF100-0.32haloe_hf.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE HCl100-0.32haloe_hcl.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE NO2 sunset100-0.32haloe_no2s.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE NO2 sunrise100-0.32haloe_no2r.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE NO sunset100-0.32haloe_nos.datDisplayDisplay
HALOE NO sunrise100-0.32haloe_nor.datDisplayDisplay
MLS ozone100-0.32mls_o3.datDisplayDisplay
MLS ClO100-0.32mls_clo.datDisplayDisplay
CLAES N2O100-0.32claes_n2o.datDisplayDisplay
CLAES HNO3100-0.32claes_hno3.datDisplayDisplay


Randel, W.J., F. Wu, J. M. Russell III, A. Roche and J.W. Waters (1998), Seasonal cycles and QBO variations in stratospheric CH4 and H2O observed in UARS HALOE data, J. Atmos. Sci, 55, 163-185, doi:10.1175/1520-0469(1998)055<0163:SCAQVI>2.0.CO;2.