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SPARC DynVar Workshop & S-RIP Meeting

The Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation:
Confronting Model Biases and Uncovering Mechanisms

6-10 June 2016
Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland

Download the meeting announcement here.


Persistent biases in forecast and climate prediction systems hinder our ability to model circulation changes, both in seasonal forecasting and in climate projections. SPARC Dynvar has established a set of diagnostics (DynVarMIP, endorsed by CMIP6) to enable a mechanistic approach to confront model biases and understand the underlying causes behind circulation changes. This workshop is an action to launch this effort and reinforce connections between the modeling centers involved in DynVarMIP and the wider research community. As atmospheric reanalyses provide a vital connection between models and the real Earth, we will meet jointly with a subset of the SPARC Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP) focused on the Brewer-Dobson Circulation and the Stratospheric-Tropospheric Coupling.

Presentations are called for analysis of seasonal prediction, CMIP, and idealized models on:

  • The origin and consequences of systematic models biases in the context of atmospheric dynamics; with a focus on: tropical – extratropical connections, storm tracks, polar vortex and sea ice variability.
  • The role of atmospheric dynamics in shaping the climate response to anthropogenic forcing (e.g. global warming, ozone depletion).
  • How dynamical processes contribute to uncertainty in climate prediction at seasonal and decadal time scales.

The workshop will provide a forum for:

  • Discussion on how best analyze the CMIP6 diagnostics that will be available via DynVarMIP, which targets the DECK experiments (AMIP, abrupt4xCO2 and 1pctCO2), the CMIP6 historical and the ScenarioMIP RCP8.5 experiments, as well as selected experiments within VolMIP, AeroChemMIP, and HiResMIP, where there is natural overlap in scientific interest.
  • Explore the possibility of coordinated idealized experiments on dynamical processes

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: 11 March 2016

Travel support application deadline: 11 March 2016

Registration deadline: 22 April 2016

Confirmed invited speakers

Geoffrey Vallis, Elizabeth Barnes, Shigeo Yoden.


Social media

Twitter users may also tweet us at #dynvar and follow the workshop on @WCRP_SPARC.




Edwin Gerber, New York University

Alexey Karpechko, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Elisa Manzini, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

Programme and Registration Fee



The joint DynVar & S-RIP meeting will start on Monday, 6 June 2016 and finish on Friday, 10 June 2016.

Workshop program can be downloaded here.

The list of posters can be downloaded here.

Registration fee

The registration fee is 155€ which should be paid in advance. The fee includes icebreaker, coffee breaks and conference dinner.
Please pay the fee by 23 May.

Please follow this link to pay the fee. Please enter requested information and then select "SPARC DynVar Workshop & S-RIP Meeting" and "155e".

Travel Information

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held at the Finnish Meteorological Institute

Address: Erik Palménin aukio 1, Helsinki, Finland (Map).

Getting to Helsinki

Most attendees will arrive to Helsinki via Helsinki-Vantaa airport. To get to the city centre you can take train, bus or taxi.

Getting to the city centre by train:

There is the Ring Rail Line connecting airport with the central railway station. You can take either direction as travel time is about the same (30 mins). Trains go every 10 mins. Tickets can be bought at the ticket machines on the platform or from the conductor on the train only in carriages which have corresponding marking. You need a regional ticket (5.50€).

Getting to city centre by bus (convenient for AVA and Cumulus Hakaniemi hotels):

Buses may go less regularly than trains (every 30 mins during weekends) and it takes slightly longer to get to the city (about 40 mins ), but for those staying at AVA and Cumulus Hakaniemi hotels the bus connection may be more convenient. Buses stop on request. Take bus line 615 from platform 12 (Terminal 1), or platform 25 (Terminal 2). Tickets can be bought at the ticket machines on the platform or from the driver. You need a regional ticket (5.50€). For AVA hotel get off at the ‘Mäkelänrinne’ bus stop and walk for 500 m. For Cumulus Hakaniemi hotel get off at the ‘Hakaniemi’ bus stop, which is in front of the hotel.  For AVA hotel you can also take Finnair City Bus from platform 11 (Terminal 1) or platform 10 (Terminal 2). Ticket to city centre costs 6.20€ and can be bought from the driver.

Getting to city centre by taxi:

Taxi costs about 50€.

More information about getting from the airport to the city is here:

Plan your journey and check timetables of public transport here:

Getting around Helsinki

Public transport in the Helsinki region connects several cities and municipalities, including Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. The airport is in Vantaa, and FMI, the city and Suomenlinna are in Helsinki. One-zone tickets are valid for one city and are less expensive than a regional ticket (valid for Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo). Once you have arrived from the airport, a Helsinki one-zone ticket should be adequate for your stay. More information is here:

To travel in Helsinki you can buy single tickets (valid for 60 mins) or daily tickets. You can buy 1 to 7 days tickets. For example, a 5-day ticket for the Helsinki region costs 24€. If you are staying in the city centre it may be advisable to buy a 5-day ticket since public transport tickets are also valid for ferries to Suomenlinna where conference dinner will be held.

More information about tickets and fares are here:

The workshop will be held at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Dynamicum. 

Address: Erik Palménin aukio 1, Helsinki, Finland (Map).

If you are staying in AVA hotel you can walk to Dynamicum (walking distance is about 1,5 km).

There are several buses and trams which you can take from the city centre to Dynamicum. For example tram line 6 have stops in front of both Cumulus Kaisaniemi and Cumulus Hakaniemi hotels. More information on how to get to Dynamicum from the city centre can be found here:

Plan your journey and check timetables of public transport here:

Suomenlinna and workshop dinner

Wednesday afternoon is free. The workshop dinner will take place in the Suomenlinnan Panimo restaurant on Suomenlinna island on Wednesday, 8.6., at 19:00. The workshop dinner cost is included in the registration fee.

Ferries leave to Suomenlinna island from the Market Square (Kauppatori) in the city center (Map). Travel time is about 15 mins. If you are not taking part in the guided tour (see below) please plan to take ferry no later than 18:30. Public transport tickets (single or daily) are valid for the ferry. Dedicated ticket for Suomenlinna ferry can also be bought for 5€ (valid 12 hours).

We also plan a guided tour on Suomenlinna fortress before the conference dinner. Suomenlinna fortress is in the UNESCO world heritage list and is one of Helsinki’s loveliest attractions ( The tour price (11€) is not included into the registration fee and should be paid at the registration on Monday morning. The tour will start on 17:30 from the main Suomenlinna pier and will end at 19:00 at the restaurant. Please depart in time from the mainland.
Let Riitta Aikio know ( before 02.06 if you are planning to take part in the guided tour because we need to know how many groups should be formed.



Block reservations have been made at the hotels listed below for 5-10 June 2016. Contact the hotel by phone or email and let them know the reservation code "SPARC 2016".

Cumulus Hakaniemi Helsinki (40 rooms): single room 129€/night, double room 139€/night. Includes: buffet breakfast, access to sauna, VAT.
Contact: tel. +358954660100,; (see map).
Release date: 13.04.2016 (50%), 06.05.2016 (25%), 23.05.2016 (the rest)

Cumulus Kaisaniemi Helsinki (40 rooms):  single room 129€/night, double room 149€/night. Includes: buffet breakfast, access to sauna, VAT.
Contact tel. +3589172881, email:; (see map).
Release date: 13.04.2016 (50%), 06.05.2016 (25%), 23.05.2016 (the rest)

Hotelli AVA (12 single rooms, 10 studios): single room 79€/night (for the night 5/6 June: 50€/night), studio 89€/night (for the night 5/6 June: 62€/night). Buffet breakfast (9.50€/day) not included in the price.
Contact: tel. +3589774751, email:; (see map).
Release date: 04.05.2016.

Travel Support


We anticipate that some funding will be available to support the travel expenses of early career scientists and participants from low and middle income countries. As our budget is limited, we strongly encourage applicants to seek additional funds in the event that only a partial travel grant can be awarded. Applications should include a brief statement of research interests and a proposed budget. For PhD students and postdocs, please also have your advisor/mentor write a brief letter of support. Support will be prioritized for applicants who have also submitted an abstract for an oral or poster presentation. Applicants from groups underrepresented in the sciences and engineering are particularly encouraged to apply.

Abstract Submission

For abstract submission please complete the template provided below and email your abstract in PDF format to:

Template (Word)
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For more information on these SPARC activities, please visit the following link at: ../../activities/