Fall AGU session: Water Vapour in UT/LS (A078)

Session organizers are Troy Thornberry, Andrew Rollins and Holger Voemel. The AGU Fall meeting will be held on 3-7 December in San Francisco. Abstracts are due by 8 August.

A078: Water Vapour in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere (UT/LS)

Water vapor in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UT/LS) plays a significant role in Earth’s climate. Systematic disagreements among H2O measurements in the UT/LS indicate there are unrecognized uncertainties with in situ and/or satellite measurements that may impact our understanding of transport mechanisms, radiative balance and ice nucleation microphysics in the tropopause region. We invite contributions related to UT/LS H2O measurements and their implications for the understanding of UT/LS processes. Specific topics include: H2O measurement and measurement-model comparisons; measurement and model results describing the distribution and trends in UT/LS H2O; tropopause region transport and dehydration processes.

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