Science Update: Comparison between SMILES and Ozonesonde profile measurements

In a new JGR article, K. Imai and co-authors compare ozone profiles measured by the Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (SMILES) with those from ozonesondes. Comparing profiles between the 16-30km range, they found generally good agreement (within 5-7% for 18-30km at mid- and high latitudes). At low latitudes the SMILES observations showed higher ozone values (6-15% larger between 20-26km). Exploring several possible issues that may induce bias, they found that a biases from the ozonesonde pressure sensors were likely to be within a few percent. In contrast, they found that the ozonesonde response time could account for a negative bias of the ascending ozonesonde measurement of up to 7% at 20km in equatorial latitudes. Applying a bias correction for this factor improved the agreement between ozonesondes and SMILES. The full abstract can be found here.