SPARC Temperature Trends Activity Meeting

9-10 April 2015 in Victoria, BC, Canada

The SPARC Temperature Trends​ Activity will hold an open meeting April 9-10 in Victoria, BC, Canada​, on the general topic of observed and modeled stratospheric temperature changes​. (See for a brief summary of the activity).

The ​meeting will focus on two general themes:

  1. Understanding the differences between observed and simulated stratospheric temperature variability and trends;
  2. Planning the future of the temperature trends activity in the context of the broader SPARC goals and plans.

The meeting is open, but space is limited to ~50 attendees​. Persons ​interested in attending​ should​ contact the co​-​chairs
(Bill Randel, Dian Seidel and Dave Thompson) and local organizing committee (Nathan Gillett​)​ as soon as possible.​