User Survey conducted by the Radio Occultation Meteorology Satellite Application Facility (ROM SAF)

Participation deadline: 20 May 2015 – extended to 3 June 2015

The ROM SAF is a decentralized facility under EUMETSAT which runs an operational radio occultation (RO) system. We are conducting this survey in order to gather information and recommendations from users related to possible future RO products and activities to be pursued by the ROM SAF in coordination with EUMETSAT.

The ROM SAF is responsible for delivering bending angle, refractivity, temperature, pressure, humidity profiles, and other radio occultation data in near-real time and offline for NWP and climate users. The offline profiles are further processed into climate products consisting of
e.g. gridded monthly means of bending angle, refractivity, temperature, humidity, and geopotential heights. The ROM SAF also maintains the ROPP (Radio Occultation Processing Package) software package for users wishing to process, quality-control, and assimilate radio occultation data from any radio occultation mission into NWP and other models.

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The results of the User Survey will be compiled into a report which will be made available from our website.

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The User Survey will close on May 20, 2015.

Contact person:
Johannes K. Nielsen