Call for papers: Gravity Wave Symposium, NY, USA, 16-20 May 2016

Abstract submission deadline: 22 November 2015

This is the second announcement for the upcoming Gravity Wave Symposium to be held on the week of May 16-20, 2016 starting with dinner Sunday the 15th and departing after lunch Friday the 20th at the Penn State Campus in State College Pennsylvania in the United States.

Call for papers:

The deadline for abstract submission is November 22, 2015.
Our ADAPT center assistant and postdoc Dr. Dandan Tao has kindly built a website for the symposium that should contain all the essential information about the meeting. Please visit the link to the following website:

Subject areas:

Consistent with our first save-the-date announcement, we would encourage contributions from all aspects of atmospheric gravity wave research.

Topics of special interests include but are not limited to:

  • Gravity wave sources including orography, convection, and other jet stream sources;
  • Remote-sensing and in-situ observations of gravity waves;
  • Gravity wave parameterization and impacts;
  • Theoretical studies of Gravity wave dynamics;
  • High resolution “gravity wave permitting” modeling studies;
  • Gravity waves, energy spectrum, and predictability;
  • Gravity Wave effects on the general circulation;
  • Gravity wave effects on the climate in model studies;
  • Gravity waves and convective initiations;
  • Gravity waves and clear-air turbulence;
  • Gravity waves and ice clouds;
  • Gravity waves in the QBO/tropical stratospheric circulation;
  • Gravity waves in tropical cyclones.

Meeting format:

We intend to identify one or two lead speakers to provide an overview of each of the subject areas based on the recommendations from the meeting’s scientific organizing committee, and/or the content of the submitted abstracts. We will give also ample time, space and attention for those abstracts to be selected as posters. Please indicate in your subjection whether a poster presentation is requested.

Conference package:

$225 per person per day for single occupancy and $180 per person per day for double occupancy plus taxes. The conference package include all day meals, snacks, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks as well as conference registration.
Yes, there will also be beer bars arranged in the evenings but they will be at your additional cost. More information will be added on the symposium website:

Accommodation and transportation:

Penn State Campus, State College Pennsylvania.
You can find more information on the symposium website.

Local climate:

Temperature range in May: 40℉ – 60℉ (~ 5℃ – ~15℃). Pack clothes for chilly nights and warm days.


Breath-taking views of Niagara Falls is only 50 miles away, especially for those who choose to fly through Toronto Airport (you may need separate visa to Canada).

We looking forward to seeing all of you next May.

Best regards,
Fuqing ()
on behalf of the scientific organizing committee

Co-chairs: Joan Alexander, Kevin Hamilton, Kaoru Sato and Fuqing Zhang
Committee members: Ulrich Achatz, James Doyle, Edwin P. Gerber, Albert Hertzog, Richard Johnson, Brian Mapes, Jadwiga (Yaga) Richter