Submit your abstract to the AGU fall meeting 2018 until 1 August 2018

A number of SPARC-related sessions have been organised for this year’s fall AGU meeting (abstract submission deadline 3 August 2016). The following is a non-exhaustive list:

A023: Atmospheric Trace Species in the Stratosphere: Distribution, trends, variability, and processes related to stratospheric ozone and climate
Primary Convener : Karen Hepler Rosenlof
Convenors: John S Daniel, Susan Elaine Strahan, Antara Banerjee

A079 Observations and Modeling of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere
Primary Convener : Eric J Jensen
Convenors: William John Randel, Marta Abalos, Adam E Bourassa

A087: Quantifying and reducing the uncertainties in the aerosol forcing of climate
Primary Convener : Ken S Carslaw
Convenors: Lamarque Jean-Francois, Matthew Christensen, V Ramaswamy

A096: Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: Large-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics and Transport
Primary Convener : Clara Orbe
Convenors: Gang Chen, Marianna Linz, Peter Hitchcock

GC039: Ensemble Modeling Approaches to Studying the Earth System Response to Anthropogenic Forcing
Primary Convener: Keith B Rodgers
Conveners: Shoshiro Minobe, Flavio Lehner, Mingfang Ting

GC058: How Can Global Change Research Inform National Security Decision-Making?
Primary Convener: Apurva Dave
Convener: David Blauvelt

IN014: Climate Informatics: Methods and Applications
Primary Convener: Jakob Runge
Conveners: Gustau Camps-Valls, Markus Reichstein, Veronika Eyring