Deadline approaching: Abstract submission to the 20th Conference on the Middle Atmosphere

The 20th Conference on the Middle Atmosphere will occur at the upcoming AMS annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona from January 6-10, 2019.

Papers for this conference are solicited for the following topics:

  • aerosols in the stratosphere;
  • atmospheric reanalyses and long-term observational datasets for middle atmospheric studies;
  • future observations of the middle atmosphere: needs and capabilities;
  • impact of deep convection, volcanic eruptions and TTL processes on ozone and water vapor in the middle atmosphere;
  • modeling, predictability and teleconnections of the quasi-biennial oscillation;
  • transport and mixing in the upper troposphere and stratosphere;
  • waves and circulation: connections across scales.
  • connections between tropical convection and the stratosphere (joint with 7MJO);
  • role of the stratosphere in climate variability, change, and prediction (Themed Joint Session) (joint with 32CVC);
  • stratospheric ozone, chemistry, and climate (Themed Joint Session)¬† (joint with 32CVC and 21AtChem)
    • *Dr. Paul Newman will be a Core Science Keynote Speaker at the beginning of this session.
  • and whole atmosphere coupling during extreme events (joint with 16SpaceWx).

Some confirmed invited speakers include Mike Fromm, Ed Gerber, Seok-woo Son, Joan Alexander, Guy Brasseur, Bill Randel, Michael Schwartz, Matt Hitchman, Daniela Domeisen, Brad Hall, Clara Orbe, Alvaro de la Camara, Katrina Bossert, Cora Randall, and Nick Pedatella.

Descriptions of these sessions can be found here:

Abstracts are due August 1st and can be submitted here:

Some travel funds for students are available, and there will be some cash awards for student presentations, so please encourage undergraduate and graduate students to apply.

If you have questions, please contact:

Amy Butler ()

Sean Davis ()

co-organizers of the Middle Atmosphere Meeting