SPARC Science update: 4 December – 10 December

A selection of new science articles from the past week of interest to the SPARC community (a SPARC Office choice).


The Impact of Tropospheric and Stratospheric Tropical Variability on the Location, Frequency, and Duration of Cool-Season Extratropical Synoptic Events. By H.E. Attard and A.L. Lang in the Monthly Weather Review.

A new perspective toward cataloging Northern Hemisphere Rossby wave breaking on the dynamic tropopause. By K.A. Bowley, J.R. Gyakum, and E.H. Atallah in the Monthly Weather Review.

Exploiting the abrupt 4×CO2 scenario to elucidate tropical expansion mechanisms. By R. Chemke and L.M. Polvani in the Journal of the Climate.

The Circulation Response to Volcanic Eruptions: The Key Roles of Stratospheric Warming and Eddy Interactions. By K. DellaSanta, E.P. Gerber, and M. Toohey in the Journal of the Climate.

The Teleconnection of El Niño Southern Oscillation to the Stratosphere. By D.I.V. Domeisen, C.I. Garfinkel, and A.H. Butler in the Reviews of Geophysics.

Quantifying the variability of the annular modes: reanalysis uncertainty vs. sampling uncertainty. By E.P. Gerber and P. Martineau in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Combining data from the distributed GRUAN site Lauder–Invercargill, New Zealand, to provide a site atmospheric state best estimate of temperature. By J.S. Tradowsky et al. in Earth System Science Data.

The British-Baikal Corridor: A teleconnection pattern along the summertime polar front jet over Eurasia. By P. Xu, L. Wang, and W. Chen in the Journal of the Climate.


Discussion papers – open for comment:

Climate feedbacks in the Earth system and prospects for their evaluation. By C. Heinze et al. in Earth System Dynamics.