Call for IGAC Scientific Steering Committee nominations

IGAC welcomes nominations and self-nominations to its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) from the international community. Serving on the IGAC SSC is ideal for well-established mid to senior career scientists. IGAC is currently accepting nominations for the 2020 SSC. For 2020, nominations for scientists working in Africa, Latin America, North America, and Southeast Asia are strongly encouraged. Nominations will be accepted until 15 March 2019. For information on serving on the IGAC SSC, please see The Expectations and Role of IGAC SSC Members.

IGAC accepts both nominations and self-nominations.  Please see below the requirements for each type of nomination.

Requirements to nominate someone to the IGAC SSC:

  • Fill out the IGAC SSC Nomination Form.
  • Upload the nominees CV and publication list (if not part of the CV).
  • Upload a statement from the nominee on “Why do you want to serve on the IGAC SSC and what will you bring to IGAC?” The statement should be ~300 words or less.
  • Provide in the form a reason for the nomination.

Requirements for self-nomination to the IGAC SSC:

  • Fill out the IGAC SSC Self-Nomination Form.
  • Upload you CV and publication list (if not part of the CV).
  • Upload a letter of support from someone in the international scientific community.
  • Provide a statement on “Why do you want to serve on the IGAC SSC and what will you bring to IGAC?”. The statement should be ~300 words or less.

Please keep in mind that IGAC strives to have a SSC with diversity in geographical representation, gender, and expertise. To view current SSC members and their expertise, visit  For more information on the role and expectations of SSC members, please feel free to contact the IGAC Executive Officer, Megan L. Melamed (). Thank you. About IGAC The atmosphere is the integrator of the Earth system. Human emissions of pollutants and long-lived greenhouse gases into the atmosphere have caused dramatic transformations of the planet, altering air quality, climate and nutrient flows in every ecosystem. Understanding the global atmosphere requires an international network of scientists providing intellectual leadership in areas of atmospheric chemistry that need to be addressed, promoted, and accomplished through research across disciplines and geographical boundaries.  Acknowledgement of this need led to the formation of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project in 1990. IGAC’s mission is to facilitate atmospheric chemistry research towards a sustainable world. This is achieved through IGAC’s three focal activities: fostering community, building capacity, and providing leadership.   IGAC’s priorities and activities are determined and guided by an international volunteer Scientific Steering Committee (SSC). Serving on the IGAC SSC is a unique and enjoyable opportunity to contribute to the international atmospheric chemistry community.