Second announcement: Tri-MIP-athlon-2

The second joint AerChemMIP / RFMIP / PDRMIP Workshop in support of CMIP

New Science from CMIP6 multi-model composition-forcing-response experiments


Download second announcement (PDF, 0.2 MB)

June 11th – 14th, 2019
Room A006, Friend Center, 65 Olden St, Princeton, New Jersey 08540, USA


Abstract submission: April 12 2019,
Registration: May 2 2019

Workshop Goals:

Discuss the use of AerChemMIP, RFMIP, and PDRMIP integrations and diagnostics to advance our understanding of composition, forcing and feedback processes for better constraints on past changes and future projections.

Below are few examples of questions we are interested in discussing, with a full list provided on the website:

  • How do the different short- and long-lived constituents contribute to the regional trends in radiative forcing?
  • How has atmospheric composition and oxidizing capacity evolved in response to natural and anthropogenic drivers?
  • What are the implications of composition changes for air quality and radiative forcing?
  • What is the response of natural emissions to anthropogenic influences?
  • What are the local and remote temperature and precipitation responses induced from changes in composition?
  • How does model diversity in radiative forcing translate to diversity in precipitation and temperature?
  • What is the role of uncertainty in radiative transfer parametrizations in the calculation of radiative forcing?
  • What are the robust model responses to tightly specified aerosol forcing from preindustrial to present day?

Workshop Format:

The workshop will run from 9:00am on Tuesday 11th June and end at 1:00pm on Friday June 14th. The format will include science presentations (oral and poster) and discussion sessions.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Bill Collins (U Reading), Stephanie Fiedler (MPI), Piers Forster (U Leeds), Jean-François Lamarque (NCAR), Gunnar Myhre (CICERO), Vaishali Naik (GFDL), David Paynter (GFDL), Robert Pincus (U Colorado), V. Ramaswamy (GFDL), Michael Schulz (Met Norway), and Bjorn Stevens (MPI)

Local Organizing Committee:

David Paynter, Vaishali Naik, and V. Ramaswamy

More information:
AerChemMIP (Aerosols and Chemistry MIP)
RFMIP (Radiative Forcing MIP)
PDRMIP (Precipitation Driver Response MIP)

workshop webpage