Submit your abstract to the AGU fall meeting 2019 until 31 July 2019

A number of SPARC-related sessions have been organised for this year’s fall AGU meeting (abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2019). The following is a non-exhaustive list:

A003 – Advances and Challenges for Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction
Primary Convener : Harry Hendon
Conveners: Ben P Kirtman, Amy H Butler, and Duane Edward Waliser

A042 – Cirrus, Chemistry and Dynamics of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere
Primary Convener: Jessica B Smith
Conveners: Elisabeth J Moyer, Troy D Thornberry, and Thomas P Ackerman

A079 – Impact of the Asian Summer Monsoon on the Composition of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere
Primary Convener : Hans Schlager
Conveners: Martina Kraemer

A104 – Observations from Stratospheric Ballooning: Research and New Concepts
Primary Convener : Robert W Carver
Convenors: Max Kamenetsky

A109 – Progress in Reanalysis: Development, Evaluation and Application
Primary Convener : Jan Dominik Keller
Conveners: Michael G Bosilovich, Masatomo Fujiwara

A110 – Recent findings from spaceborne observations of the middle atmosphere
Primary Convener : Nathaniel J Livesey
Conveners: D A Degenstein, Kaley A Walker

A119 – Stratospheric composition change, its impact on climate and understanding of uncertainties in data records.
Primary Convener : Irina V Petropavlovskikh
Conveners: Dale F Hurst, Viktoria Sofieva

A135 – Understanding the unexpected increase in CFC-11 emissions
Primary Convener : Neil Richard Peter Harris
Conveners: Sunyoung Park, Paul A. Newman


Also note the 40-year celebration of WCRP during AGU. Find all information on Symposia, town halls, and WCRP related sessions at the

WCRP climate science week webpage