SPARC Science update: 2 July –8 July

A selection of new science articles from the past week of interest to the SPARC community (a SPARC Office choice).


Internal interannual variability of the winter polar vortex in a simple model of the seasonally evolving stratosphere. By L.A. Hatfield and R.K. Scott in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Assessing changes in risk of amplified planetary waves in a warming world. By C. Huntingford et al. in the Atmospheric Science Letters.

Characteristics of Atmospheric Turbulence Retrieved from High Vertical‐Resolution Radiosonde Data in the US. By H.-C. Ko et al. in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.

Differences between Arctic interannual and decadal variability across climate states. By J. Reusen, E. van der Linden, and R. Bintanja in the Journal of the Climate.

Diurnal Forcing and Phase Locking of Gravity Waves in the Maritime Continent. By J.H. Ruppert Jr. and F. Zhang in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences.

Does increased atmospheric resolution improve seasonal climate predictions? By A.A. Scaife et al. in the Atmospheric Science Letters.

Climate change made Europe’s mega-heatwave five times more likely. News article by Q. Schiermeier in Nature.

On the linearity of the stratospheric and Euro-Atlantic sector response to ENSO. By P. Trascasa-Castro et al. in the Journal of the Climate.

Hotness and Coldness Indexes Based on the Fahrenheit Scale. By M.J. Treacy, C.N. Ramirez and M. O’Keeffe in Earth & Space Science News (EOS).

Sensitivity of Gravity‐wave Momentum Flux to Moisture in the Mei‐Yu Front Systems. By Y. Wang et al. in the Geophysical Research Letters.


Discussion papers – open for comments:

Simulating age of air and distribution of SF6 in the stratosphere with SILAM model. By R. Kouznetsov et al. in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

The tropical tropopause layer in reanalysis data sets. By S. Tegtmeier et al. in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.