Call for SPARC SSG nominations now open

The call for nominations to SPARC’s Scientific Steering Group (SSG) is now open. The SSG currently comprises 12-14 researchers from around the world with a wide range of expertise in atmospheric dynamics and chemistry. They guide SPARC’s priorities and activities, working together with the SSG co-chairs and the SPARC project office. SSG members will be responsible for the new SPARC implementation plan, the regional and international research agendas, and ensuring that SPARC’s priorities align with those of the new WCRP strategy. We are currently working on a draft of terms of reference that summarise the work of the SSG.

The deadline for nominations is 08 November 2019.

Nominations can be submitted through the online form at
(including the upload of a publications list).

Please note that you can either nominate a candidate or nominate yourself.

The SSG takes a strategic view of SPARC’s role, so we are looking for individuals with a broad view of atmospheric science and climate change as well as expertise in their own field. Scientific expertise, career stage as well as gender and geographical balance are taken into account. The initial term of service is for four years (January 2021 – December 2024), with a possible extension of two years.

If you are interested in getting involved in SPARC in other ways, including ideas for new foci, please visit the SPARC webpage for more information: or contact the SPARC Office (see below). We recommend that early career researchers consider getting involved in specific activities first, including leadership roles, as involvement in international activities is a great way to broaden one’s horizons. Activity Leaders can attend the annual SSG meetings. We are happy to advise anyone unsure about how best to get involved.