Abstract submission open: 16th IGAC Science Conference (IGAC2020)

The 16th IGAC Science Conference (IGAC2020) will take place in Manchaster from 14th to 18th September 2020.

The IGAC science conferences are run biannually and attract approximately 600 international scientists, industry leaders, and early career researchers from around the world and includes many leading funding agencies.

The Scientific Steering Committee has developed an exciting programme that spans air pollution to global change and links fundamental research to policy development, interfacing atmospheric science with wider biogeochemistry of the Earth System.  The conference follows the strong tradition of previous IGAC conferences, not only highlighting cutting edge scientific research in atmospheric chemistry, but also fostering international collaborations, and highlighting scientists and their research from developing and emerging regions.  As in previous years, the IGAC Science Conference encourages early career scientists and makes every effort to showcase their science.  We have an exciting early career programme to develop the next generation of leaders in our field and also to foster their interaction within and across our community.

Visit the meeting webpage for more information.

Abstract submission is now openthrough the abstract submission webpage. Deadline for abstract submission is 27 March 2020.

Guest and Keynote Speakers

Guest Speaker:

  • John Pyle, University of Cambridge, UK

Keynote Speakers:

  • Vaishali Naik, NOAA GFDL, USA
  • Jon Abbatt, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Ken Carslaw, University of Leeds, UK

Session Topics

Co-Chairs of the Scientific Program Committee: Lucy Carpenter, University of York, UK and Paul Beukes, North-West University, South Africa

Session 1: Fundamentals
Chairs: Christian George, CNRS, France and Parisa Ariya, McGill University Canada

Session 2: Integrated Observations, Modelling, and Analysis
Chairs: Robyn Schofield, University of Melbourne, Australia and Meehye Lee, Korea University, Korea

Session 3: Air Quality and Impacts
Chairs: Abdus Salam, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and Nestor Rojas, National University of Colombia, Colombia

Session 4: Atmospheric Chemistry at the Interfaces
Chairs: Mei Zheng, Peking University, China and Markus Ammann, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Session 5: Future Perspectives and Policy
Chairs: Joel Thornton, University of Washington, USA, and Clare Murphy, University of Wollongong, Australia