Announcement: WCRP Open Science Conference: early 2023

Dear colleagues,  
We are delighted to share with you the First Circular of the WCRP Open Science Conference, to take place in early 2023 (download flyer). This conference will showcase the work that all of you are doing, right across WCRP and with partners. In particular, it will highlight the importance of climate science for decision-making and responding to a changing climate. This Conference will, of course, celebrate the work of the WCRP Grand Challenges, which will sunset at the end of 2022. At the same time, it will roll out the new WCRP and will be dedicated to the next generation of climate scientists. It will also include events that cater to the general public.   
In the next weeks and months we will continue with the planning of the conference, including identifying a host for the in-person part of the meeting and the establishment of a science planning committee. Conference planning will be supported by dedicated staff who will be hired specifically for this purpose using external funds.  
Kind regards  
Detlef Stammer and Helen Cleugh  
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