Announcement: COSPAR 2022 Awards

COSPAR is happy to announce the winners of its 2022 Awards, to be presented during the 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly in Athens, Greece. COSPAR bestows a number of medals and awards each year – some jointly with other institutions or space agencies – upon endorsed candidates of merit. Scientists who have made an outstanding contribution to space research and are working in any of the fields covered by COSPAR are eligible. The coveted COSPAR Awards are aimed at encouraging space science and exploration research and are an important step to achieve international cooperation in the field. This year’s nominees have come from a wide range of backgrounds and after careful consideration by the Awards Committee, Bureau, and partner organizations the following selection has
been made.

A complete list of citations and a brief description of COSPAR are included in the full press release. Previous citations for honors awarded at COSPAR Assemblies can be found online.

To be presented on 18 July during the 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
16 – 24 July 2022, Athens, Greece.