Upcoming deadlines: 20th GEIA Conference & IGAC AMIGO (Analysis of eMIssions usinG Observations) Project

The 20th GEIA (Global Emissions Initiative) Conference  “Towards mitigating air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions” will take place in Brussels, Belgium on June 21-23. Details and abstract submissions are available at: http://www.geiacenter.org/community/geia-conferences/2023-geia

Abstract deadline extended until 1 February 2023. 

The AMIGO (Analysis of eMIssions usinG Observations) Project is organizing a workshop on “Atmospheric chemistry
modeling, data assimilation, inverse modeling, and model evaluation” before the GEIA conference, on June 19-20, also in Brussels. The number of attendees will be limited to about 25 early career scientists. Applications due 27 January 2023, information at https://events.spacepole.be/event/157/