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SPARC Office for research coordination now at ETH Zurich

The international project for atmospheric and climate research SPARC (Stratospheric Processes And their Role in Climate) relocated its coordination centre from Canada to Switzerland. On 7 February 2012, SPARC celebrates the inauguration of its new office at ETH Zurich and its 20th anniversary.

Former Co-chairs, Office directors and administrative staff including the WCRP Director Dr. Asrar celebrated SPARC’s 20th anniversary in Zurich.

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New Blog: Should SPARC change its name?

WCRP requested that SPARC not only focusses on stratospheric research but also on the troposphere.

A blog was set up to give the SPARC community the opportunity to take part in an open discussion about a possible name change for SPARC. Welcome to contribute!

NOTE: this blog was discontinued in June 2012. Find the results here.