7th SPARC General Assembly

The 7th General Assembly of SPARC: Stratosphere-Troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate, a core project of the World Climate Research Programme, will bring together a large community of scientists from around the world. General Assemblies are opportunities for SPARC to take stock of what has been achieved, where gaps in the portfolio of research undertaken by SPARC need to be filled, and to define where SPARC needs to be moving to remain responsive to the needs of both its members and the users of SPARC research products.

Currently, a new model for the SPARC General Assembly is being discussed within the community – as discussed in the January 2021 issue of the SPARC Newsletter.

We are welcoming feedback from the community. If you take the time, to fill in a short survey, that will help the organisation team find out what suits best for the community. Also, you can use the form below, to directily let us know your thoughts!

Please let us know your feedback to the new model for the SPARC General Assembly:

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The information given above will be used by SPARC and only be shared with the SPARCleadership and the General Assembly organising committee for the purpose of meeting preparations.

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Survey on online-meetings conducted by the SPARC SSiRC activity (PDF, 0.15 MB)