7th SPARC General Assembly

The next SPARC General Assembly will take place from 24 – 28th October 2022 at three hubs located in:

-> Qingdao, China

-> Reading, UK

-> Boulder, USA

The planning of the 7th SPARC General Assembly is underway, with Andrew Charlton-Perez being the chair of the planning group. With this new multi-hub model we hope to bring together a large community of scientists from around the world by providing an environment where everyone can present their work in person or remotely. General Assemblies are opportunities for SPARC to take stock of what has been achieved, where gaps in the portfolio of research undertaken by SPARC need to be filled, and to define where SPARC needs to be moving to remain responsive to the needs of both its members and the users of SPARC research products.

Stay tuned!


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Survey on online-meetings conducted by the SPARC SSiRC activity (PDF, 0.15 MB)