SPARC community experience with online meetings

This page is intended to collect input from the SPARC community on their experiences with meeting forms that differ from traditional science meetings.

Please share your impressions from any meetings that had a special form which you liked, onlin emeetings, that worked well, or had some short comings – anything that can help us to improve the way the SPARC community can get involved in workshops and meetings!

Thank you for taking the time to fill in the short form below!


Please send your answers to the following questions via email directly to the SPARC office at gro.e1611851698tamil1611851698c-cra1611851698ps@ec1611851698iffo1611851698.

  1. Which workshop would you like to tell us about?

2. When did the workshop take place (please name at least the year)?

3.Who organised the workshop?

4. What was your role in the meeting?
[“participant (remote)” – “participant (on-site)” –  “organiser” – “othe r(please specify)”]

5. If you remember, what sofware was used for remote connection?

6. How was the meeting organised (e.g. session types, poster presentations, how could everyone ask questions,…)? (max 100 words)

7. Please share your experience (max 200 words)

8. Further comments (max 100 words)

9. Would you recommend this form of meeting?


10. In case we want to ask some questions, please consider letting us know who you are (all of the following is not mandatory)

10.a) Your Name (voluntary)
10.b) Your Affiliation (voluntary)
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10.d) Country of residence (voluntary)
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11. Comment (max. 100 words)

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